Greetings from the new president

Ichiro Hashimoto, MD, PhD
President of the Japan Society for Surgical Wound Care
(Professor of Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,
Tokushima University, Graduate School of Medicine)

I am Ichiro Hashimoto, Professor of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Tokushima University School of Medicine, and the 8th President of the Society.

To the general public
Medical care and medicine are becoming more and more segmented, allowing for more personalized and detailed medical care. The Japan Society for Surgical Wound Care is led by plastic surgeons, and conducts research and exchanges information regarding surgical treatment of wounds and scarring. The treatment of wounds and scarring is advancing day by day. For example, while in the past it was considered better to dry out a wound, recent findings suggest that it is better not to dry out a wound as long as it is clean, and the exact opposite treatment is recommended. This is due to improvements in the environment and advances in the medical equipment available, but in many ways the approach to treatment has changed. In addition, major injury, trauma, and loss of body parts can be treated by surgical procedures. As a result of the significant development of surgical methods and improved outcomes, it is now possible to treat what could not be treated in the past. Scars can also be a problem depending on the area and age of the patient. Keloids, in particular, are unique to people of color, and although the cause of keloids has not yet been identified, there have been advances in research into their causes and treatment methods.

The Japan Society for Surgical Wound Care provides information to the general public on the latest medical treatments for wounds throughout the body. Led by the Society's mascot character "Naorun," " Children's Day is also Wound Care Day (May 5)!" has been registered as a memorial day by the Japan Anniversary Association. A " Guidebook for the care of wounds and scars" for the general public has also been published. Please refer to it.

Dear members and medical professionals
Since plastic surgeon has been dealing with traumatic injuries for a long time, surgical wound care has been recognized as a field of plastic surgery treatment. In recent years, the field of wound care containing its surgery has continued to improve with the development of entirely new materials and devices such as wound dressings, negative pressure wound treatment, growth factor drug, and artificial dermis. The impact of these developments has changed the treatment of surgical wound care compared to what it used to be, and wound care as an academic discipline has become increasingly important.

The society was founded in 2008 with Prof. Mikihiro Nozaki (then Tokyo Women's Medical University) as President, and the first founding meeting was held the following year in January 2009 in Tokyo under Prof. Kiyonori Harii (then Kyorin University). It is my understanding that the society was established with the aim of continuing to develop surgical wound care as an academic discipline, rather than simply a field of plastic surgery treatment. The steady growth of the Society's membership indicates that the importance of wound surgery is widely recognized.

Thanks to the efforts of past presidents, board members, and members, the Society has established a medical specialist system, published journals in both English and Japanese and clinical guidelines for wound care. The Society has also launched an academic research grant system. These systems and publications will each build on their synergistic effects to establish and develop surgical wound care. Furthermore, this year we have decided to establish a Wound Home Care Committee, which is an inevitable part of the treatment of chronic wounds.

The society will continue to take a comprehensive view of wounds from both the medical and healthcare perspectives. We look forward to your guidance and support in the development of our society.

日本形成外科学会・日本創傷外科学会 公式キャラクター キズを治す妖精「なおるん」

The official character of the Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Japan Society for Surgical Wound Care, “Naorun”, is a fairy who heals wounds.

Greeting from the founder of JSSWC